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Interview Bloodtooth

Discover the origins of the eclectic band Bloodtooth, their unique blend of rock and alternative genres, and the inspiration behind their debut and upcoming albums. Explore their evolving creative process, influences, and future aspirations as they navigate the ever-changing music industry. Stay updated on their latest releases and news through their website and Instagram.

1. Can you tell us about the origins of Bloodtooth and how the band came together, especially with Emily 'Wolf' O as the co-founding member and frontwoman?
We originally started a few years ago in London, we were huge horror, fantasy and sci fi fans and met at a David Bowie and Prince night. We loved rock, punk, metal, electronic music etc and loved trying to play it.

2. Your music is described as a blend of rock and alternative genres. How would you personally define the sound and style of Bloodtooth?
Hmm..Eclectic punk ass bitches.

3. "Let's Pull Together by Keeping Apart" is your debut LP. Can you share some insights into the inspiration and creative process behind this album?
A lot of the progress of this album came about in the heat of the pandemic and I mean we had key people working on the project; move to live in New York and it was quite hard to keep working with each other in that time in general. It was a great and also bad time in all of our lives to really figure out who we were and what we wanted to be and I think that is apparent in that LP. Maybe that’s why it sounds so varied.

4. What themes or messages were you trying to convey through "Let's Pull Together by Keeping Apart"?
Discovery, letting go and moving on.
I think we aren’t taught really how to deal with loss and many of us suffer from a fear of abandonment. And I think that was a big theme.
Also the way we are all obsessed on spying on each other on social media and that’s accepted now and happy to give away our privacy and rights up freely as a way of life; as hinted in Generation Spies.

5. "Do It for the Kids" is your upcoming LP. How does it differ from your debut album, both musically and thematically?
Do it for the Kids is a road of themes; life, death, reproducing and growing up; skulls and chaos. Coming out of a dark time and having fun with it. Maybe we’re getting a slightly more raw-er sound. As you can hear with believe in nothing and Sirens (living dead girl).
Slightly risky in a world full of ai and quests for perfection ha.

6. "Sirens (Living Dead Girl)" is your latest single. Could you give us some background on the song and what it represents for the band?
Sirens was 100 percent inspired by a talented artist called Seraphina @sacredcowart who made these awesome characters for her upcoming animation called the People Eaters. She has a character called Saorise; who is a cute unsuspecting to her prey a flesh eating mermaid living in a bed sit around the UK’s Brighton beach; also staring a vampire and a zombie.
I would also say it was a little inspired by Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead; The greatest of all time.

7. You've previously released singles like "Not Young Anymore" and "Believe in Nothing." Can you tell us about the significance of these songs in your discography?
Believe in nothing was about facing death and saying fuck you, im going to survive. Not young anymore was about accepting you’re not gonna be as young as you were 2 minutes ago and that; that is ok. I guess It’s significant as it’s about life and death and growing up.

8. What can fans expect from "Do It for the Kids" in terms of musical evolution and lyrical content?
I guess it will be a bit more rock than electronic.
A lot more humour and story led themes.

9. How has the band's creative process evolved since your debut album? Do you find yourselves experimenting with new sounds or techniques?
I think there is more experimenting with sounds, working with a new collaborator called Soundmover on the writing and production.

10. Can you share any memorable moments or experiences from the recording or production of "Do It for the Kids"?
It’s been a fun project to do and make actually. It was fun scaring people at the beach in full monster make up. We’ve got a track called ‘passing me by’ on ‘do it for the kids’ which will be coming out soon and we recorded most of that in about a hour, which is a rarity tbh.

11. Bloodtooth has been active in the UK music scene. How has your journey been in terms of building your fanbase and playing live shows?
Well we all got randomly really sick with some serious issues (hence the themes of escaping death in the music) during lockdown, only recovering a few months ago and so we’ve had to stop playing live. We’re hoping to do some shows soon but luckily weve been engaging with fans and music lovers in other ways; online atm.

12. Are there any particular artists or bands that have influenced Bloodtooth's music and style?
So many. We’d be here all day. Notably some would be; Peaches, Deftones, Distillers, Depeche mode and so many more.

13. How do you balance individual creativity within the band while maintaining a cohesive sound?
It’s a rocky road. I think it’s hard to get to the same point sometimes as you’re not in the same brain. But you have a general goal to make something good and you balance out eventually.

14. With the current state of the world and the music industry, how have you adapted and continued to create and share your music?
I think you want to try to get as many people to enjoy your music as much as possible. So I feel like you have to get with the programme and trying to be consistent. The benefits are artist have more control over their work. The issue is
There is no money for artist to make just by music. Which is a tragedy.

15. What are your long-term goals and aspirations as a band, both for your music and your impact on the audience?
To keep enjoying making music and having fun doing and being able to share it to people who like it.

16. Finally, where can fans and listeners stay updated on Bloodtooth's latest releases, tour dates, and news?
We have a website called that will have important updates.
And we put recent updates on instagram aswell.

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